Safety Subject Matter Experts (Safety SME) is an exciting OHS consultancy which has been operating since 2009.  Safety SME was formed by three Principal Subject Matter Experts whose combined OHS-related experience equates to over 60 years in a wide range of operations, including the Public Sector, Transport, Construction, and Health Care industries.

Q: Is your business hurting due to workplace injuries?
Q: Have you had a visit from WorkSafe? Did the Inspector issue you with a Notice or a Direction?
Q: Has the Health and Safety Representative (HSR) issued you with a PIN?
Q: Is your WorkCover Premium costing you too much?
Q: Are you trying to upgrade your OHS performance?
Q: Have you completed your Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR)? 

Tailoring solutions for your business, we provide practical solutions by identifying, assessing, and controlling specific  hazards and risks.

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