About Us

Safety SME is a dynamic and client focused company that works with clients to implement effective and sustainable solutions to improve risk management, safety and business performance.

For example:
-     Compliance with OHS legislation;
-     Improved OHS performance, including reduction in injury rates and injury severity;
-     Improved risk management which translates to financial bottom line benefits;
-     Better process safety performance and reduced risk;
-     Reduced workers compensation claims;
-     Improved workforce commitment;
-     Positive behavioural change; and
-     Real integration of OHS systems with other business systems.

Safety SME has experience in a diverse range of industries such as manufacturing, chemicals, engineering, construction, electrical, healt hcare, maritime, and government.  Our principal consultants understand risk management and it’s effect on business management. This gives us the advantage of understanding the issues facing our clients, and enables us to offer practical advice and services.

We operate on the basis of taking the time to understand our clients’ needs so that we can help them develop specific practical solutions.