OHS Legislation

It is a legislative requirement to ensure you and your employees have an understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety legislation applicable to your state.  This at times can be complicated as the OHS Act refers to regulations and some regulations refer to Australian standards.  Dependant on the industry in which you operate, you may be required to comply with several acts, regulations and Australian standards.
Safety SME can help.  We can develop and deliver legislative training based on your business activities to you and your employees in a common sense approach.  OHS Legislation can be complex, however Safety SME can train you and your staff to understand what they are required to know.

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety

Safety SME can deliver Nationally Recognised Training in Certificate IV – Occupational Health and Safety (BSB41407).
Units of Competency include the following:

BSBADM409A – Coordinate business resources Coordinate business resources
BSBCMM401A – Make a presentation Make a presentation
BSBCRT501A – Originate and develop concepts Originate and develop concepts
BSBCUS401B – Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
BSBCUS402B – Address customer needs Address customer needs
BSBFIA402A – Report on financial activity Report on financial activity
BSBINN301A – Promote innovation in a team environment Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBITS401B – Maintain business technology Maintain business technology
BSBMKG413A – Promote products and services Promote products and services
BSBMKG414B – Undertake marketing activities Undertake marketing activities

Safety SME can deliver this package in a customised format that can fit in with your professional and personal commitments.   Contact Safety SME for further information and to discuss your needs.

Incident Investigation

All organisations have a duty of care to investigate all OHS incidents.  Employers are responsible to for conducting the investigation.  However in some cases, the person responsible for the investigation has not received the appropriate training, this is where Safety SME can help.
Our trainers have the experience and knowledge to train managers and supervisors on all aspects of conducting an investigation.  We customise our training to your industry; therefore participants can better understand and relate to the information provided.

Customised Training

Do you have a training need?
We can assist.  Many organisations require training based on their procedures, most training providers cannot provide training based on specific needs.  Safety SME can, in fact we are known for it.  If you have training need and wish to discuss – contact Safety SME.